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    Kangen Water is the healthiest Water you'll Ever Drink! What's in your Water? Are you Drinking Toxic Water? YES, if from your tap, in a bottle or from reverse osmosis, because these waters are oxidizing and / or acidic ! Your body cries for alkaline water. Change your Water, Change your Life! Discover the World's BEST Alkaline Water.
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  • Yes ! I Design WebSites and Host them too !

    I started designing websites in 1993 for friends and family, as my knowledge grew, so did my business. In 1996 I began hosting websites that I built for others and for those who needed low cost hosting. Today we have 99.5% uptime, and the websites are monitored for potential virus's and hackers. We have software that protects not only our servers, but also the websites that are on the server.

  • My Job as a Caregiver to the Elderly

    The involvement of relatives and friends in the care of people living with dementia is invaluable, regardless of where the care is provided. Sharing care helps to maintain the best possible quality of life of the person with dementia. This Webpage is about the things I have learned as a CareGiver to my Father and also to my Aunt who both had Dementia. The Trials and the Rewards to better help maybe you when and if you decide to be a caregiver, I also will be quoting many other different publications that I have read, and will give information about each of those, so that maybe you can also do the same research that I have done.

    Beauty - Makeup - Jewelry - Clothing and More

    Creating the perfect shade of lipstick is one way to add beauty to a woman's life. Avon is a leading global beauty company. The company launches more than 1,000 new products a year and is consistently first to market with breakthrough technologies. It has a long history of cutting-edge innovations, a number of which have literally revolutionized the industry. I am an Avon Representative that believes in its products.. Join me in Avon as a Member, or a customer... Contact me for direct orders, or Order online from my personal website with Avon.